How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Coffee Cart for a Corporate Event?

Organising a corporate event and thinking of hiring a coffee cart? It’s a fantastic way to add a brand touch and keep your guests energised throughout the event.

This guide will break down the costs associated with hiring a coffee cart, what factors influence the price, and how Woofys can help make your corporate event a memorable one.

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Understanding Coffee Cart Hire Prices

When planning to hire a coffee cart, it’s essential to consider several factors that will influence the overall cost. The price varies widely depending on the length of the event, the cart or bar selected, the number of attendees, and the level of customisation required.

Coffee Cart Hire Cost

Typically, the cost for hiring a coffee cart for a corporate event starts from around the $1000 mark for a basic package.

This includes a barista, a set number of drinks, and all the necessary equipment and ingredients to serve your guests At Woofys, we quote our event based on each client’s individual needs and event parameters. 

Factors That Affect Corporate Event Coffee Cart Cost

  • Duration of the Event: The longer the event, the higher the cost. Hiring a coffee cart for a full day will naturally cost more than just a few hours due to the extended service required.


  • Number of Guests: More guests means more coffees, which can increase the price. 


  • Customisation and Branding: Customising the cart, bar or stand to fit the theme of your event or branding it with your company’s logo and colours increases the cost. These costs are varied based on the branding options selected – from basic logo options through to full customisation, branded coffee cups, stencils, marshmallows and more…… 


  • Location: The location of your event can also play a role in determining the cost. Events held in remote or hard-to-access areas may incur additional travel fees.

Why Choose Woofys for Your Corporate Event Coffee Cart?

Woofys not only provides coffee cart and bar hire but also enhances the experience by offering customisable options that align with your brand’s theme.

Whether you need a simple coffee service or a fully branded coffee experience, Woofys is equipped to deliver. With our extensive experience in corporate catering services, we ensure that every detail is handled meticulously.

How Woofys Can Help Elevate Your Corporate Event

As a leading corporate event management agency, Woofys goes beyond just serving coffee. We help integrate your brand into the experience, creating a cohesive and impactful event.

Whether you are hosting a small workshop or a large conference, our team ensures that your coffee cart service is seamless and professional.

Ready to Add a Coffee Cart to Your Event?

Interested in adding a unique element to your next corporate event? Hire a coffee cart from Woofys and give your guests exceptional service that keeps them engaged.

Contact us today to discuss your event needs and explore our customisable coffee cart and coffee stand options. Let’s make your next event memorable combining brand moments with coffee.

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